Patrick Kea

IT Professional & Photographer

About Me

Hi, I’m Patrick Kea (pronounced 'key'), a professional IT guy and photographer; Here's my story.

I’m from Huntsville, Alabama, living in my Land of Milk and Honey (Raleigh, NC), and making the best out of this awesome thing we call life. I’ve been blessed to have a vision of multiple ideas and not being afraid of making them come true. Our vision is to take photography, technology, and life and share it with the world. Allow me to explain.


A year or so ago, Google Maps started asking me to upload great pics and 360 Photos with my phone. That lead to me become a Google Trusted Photographer with over 23m views on Google Maps seeking a career in photography. Now, I’d like to become the best photographer that I can be. We’ll see how this journey turns out.


I decided around 5 or so years ago to pursue a career in IT because I just liked being a geek. I love anything technology related, and I figured that if I’m going to work 40+ hours a week that I might as well love what I’m doing. So, I went back to school at Athens Tech in Elberton, GA and now this is what I do for a living. I’d like to help people who have a desire to become more comfortable with technology daily and eventually teach other IT professionals to better their IT careers.


What can I say? I love food. I am that guy that takes pictures of his food and is so happy eating great recipes. I’m also a person that is challenging himself to live a healthier lifestyle while enjoying a beautiful life. Let’s share these experiences together.